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Are you a sports betting enthusiast from Canada? Then iBet sports betting site is your destination for a satisfactory online sports betting experience. iBet has a reputation for offering superior quality sporting events to bettors in Canada and is a legalized sports betting platform.


A vast amount of sports to bet on at iBet

iBet has a large collection of sporting events for bettors to bet on. The sportsbook also offers online sports events, live sports with varieties of sports betting markets and betting options to bettors from Canada.

Enjoy rewarding betting bonuses and promotions at iBet

There are many rewarding sports betting bonuses and promotions available to bettors on iBet. This is one of the features that ranks iBet as one of the best sports betting platforms in Canada.

Sign up and enjoy a sportsbook welcome bonus at iBet

Bettors from Canada are greeted with a fantastic welcome bonus as a reward, and to get them started with the action. They get a 100% bonus up to C$400 on their first deposit allowing them to place free bets on their favourite sports. However, terms and conditions apply. This bonus must be claimed and used for online betting within 30 days.


Win more with the iBet price boost

With the iBet price boost, lucky Canadian bettors can earn huge winnings. The sportsbook allows the betting odds to go up in some markets for some selected sports betting events, and a lucky bettor can win massively during such odds boost.


Some popular sports to bet on at iBet

Sports betting fans from Canada will find the large collection of sports events on iBet very entertaining. Some of these sports include the Canadian football league, horse racing, Stanley cup, super bowl and many more.

Some traditional sports at iBet for bettors

Canadian bettors can also enjoy betting on traditional sports such as football, hockey, tennis basketball and many others at iBet.

Bet and win real money on esports at iBet

Bettors on the iBet online betting platform have access to a vast collection of exciting electronic sports. They can win cash prizes from betting on various competitive video gaming events.


Exciting live betting experience at iBet

Live betting is one of the most entertaining events offered on iBet. During the live betting sessions, bettors can place bets on any game, race or match that is in progress. So, not only do bettors enjoy the entertainment in real-time, but they also make money doing so.


Mobile betting on iBet for Canadian mobile users

iBet is designed with the latest web and mobile technology that makes the platform intuitive. The interface is optimized for both Android and iOS mobile operating systems. This makes it possible for mobile users to enjoy mobile betting on the sportsbook.


Players can cashout from a bet in real-time

This is one of the special features offered to bettors at iBet. The cashout is offered to players when they wish to collect a certain fraction of the total payout amount from a bet that is currently in play. When a player opts for a cashout, they collect some amount of money and forfeit the remaining amount wagered.


The different types of sports betting systems

Some special sports betting systems can help a bettor to stay consistent and successful. The Negative progression system such as Martingale, Labouchere, and the positive progression system like Paroli and Parlay.

The fixed-odds wagering in sports betting

During fixed-odds wagering the bookmaker offers odds on a particular outcome in a sports event, If the expected outcome happens, the player wins but if the outcome doesn’t happen the player loses all to the bookmaker.

What parimutuel wagering means in sports betting

The parimutuel wagering is such in that players don’t wager against a bookmaker. Instead, they place bets against each other, and all the bets are eventually shared equally between the winners.

What exchange wagering means in sports betting

In exchange for wagering, bettors are allowed to wager against other bettors at a much lower rate than that offered by the sportsbook. The bettors will agree on the odds, stake for game and wager against one another.


The different types of odds

The three types of betting odds are; fractional odds, which operate on a formula where the total payout is a fraction of every amount you wager. The decimal odds, where the number represents the amount a bettor wins for every amount wagered. While the Moneyline odds are dependent on either positive or negative signs, indicating the amount a bettor must wager to win.


iBet sports FAQ

  • Does iBet offer traditional sports betting to Canadians?

    Yes! Players from Canada can bet on many traditional sports events at iBet. Some of the sporting events offered on the iBet sports betting platform for Canadians include football, hockey, tennis, basketball and many markets to choose from.

  • Can I access iBet sports betting on my mobile device?

    iBet sports betting platform is designed to respond seamlessly to every mobile operating system, making it easily accessible for Android or iOs users. Players can bet on their favourite sports event on their mobile phones.

  • Do Canadians have access to live betting on iBet?

    Absolutely! Bettors from Canada can access iBet live sports betting and bet on any live sporting event of their choice. However, the player must have good internet bandwidth to stream the live sporting event in real-time.

  • What is the Esports betting on iBet like?

    iBet has a superb esports betting platform that not only offers entertainment but also remarkable overall electronic sports betting experience. Bettors have access to a wide range of esports games to bet on and win handsome cash prizes.

  • What sports betting bonuses can I enjoy as a Canadian?

    Registered bettors from Canada can claim many bonuses on the iBet online sports betting site, they can also enjoy promotions. Some of these rewards include the Winter Olympics: Gold Medal Hunt and the 100% Welcome Bonus.